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  • MNM Gallery: MNM Producers
    (Left to right) Todd Robbins, Michael Chaut, Jamy Ian Swiss, Peter Samelson (missing: Frank Brents)
  • MNM Gallery: Todd Robbins
    Todd Robbins eating fire.
  • MNM Gallery: Frank Brents
    Frank Brents, MNM producer, entertains younger fans.
  • MNM Gallery: Jamy Ian Swiss
    Jamy Ian Swiss tries to give away $100 in a psychological lottery game.
  • MNM Gallery: Peter Samelson
    Peter Samelson causes a spectator's ring to vanish in a flash of fire.
  • MNM Gallery: Michael Chaut
    Michael Chaut performing during intermission at Monday Night Magic.
  • MNM Gallery: Simon Lovell
    Simon Lovell finds a card in an unusual manner.
  • MNM Gallery: Rocco
    Rocco produces liquid from a newspaper.
  • MNM Gallery: Asi Wind
    Asi Wind creates a momentary monetary illusion.
  • MNM Gallery: Just Alan
    Just Alan performing the Sands of India.
  • MNM Gallery: Torkova
    Torkova performs a classic of magic.
  • MNM Gallery: Danny Alan
    Danny Alan's magic on the wing.
  • MNM Gallery: Todd Robbins
    Todd Robbins, the Coney Island Wonder Worker.
  • MNM Gallery: Prakash
    Prakash, Singapore's sleight-of-hand star, performs during intermission
  • MNM Gallery: Simon Lovell
    Simon Lovell creates an origami rose.
  • MNM Gallery: Geoff Latta
    Sleight-of-Hand legend Geoff Latta performs at a post-show gathering, as performers including magic wunderkind Kostya Kimlat look on.
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Many performers have graced our stages and we regret not having images of each and every one of them. We hope you enjoy seeing these selections.